Supporting Rachel Dolezal’s right to CHOOSE her race.

” As for her benefitting…we are talking Spokane, Washington & claiming Black while serving the NAACP; those who know Spokane know how absurd that sounds.”

Carl Mack, former Seattle President of the NAACP

On The Black Top: White Woman Claims Black?!

Because of my past service to our beloved NAACP, more than a few of you have tagged me regarding this story. Fair enough.

I have read comments which insinuated that President Dolezal benefitted as a White woman, within the NAACP, by claiming Black. I obviously missed those benefits, so please help me understand those perks. First, I doubt most of you reading this have EVER carried a NAACP membership card. Yes, the Mack Family are all card carrying Life Members. Furthermore, lots of folks don’t want to advertise their affiliation with the NAACP. Second, since when did claiming to be Black become an ADVANTAGE in America?

There is no doubt that I felt support from the Black community in Seattle while serving within the NAACP. However, it’s difficult to argue President Dolezal’s commitment to our community. I could only wish that more Black would CLAIM BLACK like that! As for the NAACP, our beloved organization deserves the type of commitment she has rendered. Now, I’m not saying she is Viola Liuzzo (the White woman HERO, from Michigan who died driving civil right workers to the South) but I do respect her efforts. As for her benefitting…we are talking Spokane, Washington & claiming Black while serving the NAACP; those who know Spokane know how absurd that sounds.

There is one problem that hit me immediately upon reading this article…how her parents must feel by her denying them and their race/culture. I know if my children denied our race/culture, that would be painful.

In closing, there is at least one time that I knew of where a Black man within the NAACP claimed White. Ironically, his name was Walter White, and he was the FIRST Black to serve as National President of the NAACP. Because he was so light in complexion, he risked his life to infiltrate communities where atrocities were committed against Blacks to investigate. Most people who would see him, would think he was White. His “FAKE” helped us in our fight. History does have a way of REPEATING itself.

President Dolezal, my use of the Terms of Endearment, Brothers & Sistas, is not based on race. You Madame President are a good Sista and you have at least one admirer because of your willingness to CLAIM Black and back us up! Claim On, Sista!

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  • Joan Jesus On top of that, reports have come out from people who said Rachel has even policed their own Blackness or their seats at the table as people of color. 3 or 4 people have come out to say they’ve had encounters where Rachel Dolezal has questioned how Black they are or whether they are worthy of speaking about white privilege in the black experience. You wanna talk about giant balls and nerve of steel. She is wearing a coat she tried on one day and decided she really liked the feel of it and then tells other people their coats aren’t worthy. It is the pot calling the kettle unBlack and that takes some nerve and possibly some boldness that comes with white privilege. (THE ARTICLE CONTINUES) THis is hilarious. I just cant leave it alone because I have been LAUGHING three days in a ROW at the RIDICULE of this whole story but I should really stop at some point lest I choke of laughter lol
  • Wayman Earls III Richard – If she’s doing here best, why did she have to lie? That’s the point so many people are (deliberately???) missing. SHE LIED. If her intentions were benign, why the need to hide behind a false ethnicity? Again, this brings into question INTENT.
  • Joan Jesus So when the peanut gallery pipes up and says Rachel Dolezal has done more for Black people than some Black women, I wanna jump up and kick them in the chin because COMME DES FACKONS. Are you serious?? The amount of people who are defending her is scary. The amount of Black people, especially (THE REPOSTED ARTICE REFERENCED IN COMMENT ABOVE CONTINUES LOL) > I am laughing my lungs out hahahahaha
  • Wayman Earls III Joan – I don’t necessarily agree with us needing white so much as they are useful. A people without power have two things going for them: cunning and guile. We should have effectively lulled white society into a false sense of smug superiority.

    Are any of you on this thread Star Wars fans? Carl? Richard? Syreeta? Anyone?
  • Joan Jesus Lol that was just an excerpt from an article I was posting in bits and pieces above for those who will not click to read it. Those were not my words. I think Daddy ED has gone to bed lol. I think this Rachel Dolezal’s ridicule should not stop anyone from sleeping just to defend her DECEPTIVE CA– USE lol

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