Commentary by SMS: How Do I Become Black?

Rachel Donezal has been a leader of the NAACP in Eastern Washington area of our state that is marked by a terrible history of racism.  Although he parents look European, Rachel grew up with four adopted siblings all of whom were black.  Ms. Dolezal CHOSE to be educated at Howard.  She has worked since then in African American community issues and art. She has lived as a Black person, celebrated Back culture, and worked for the NAACP as a Black leader.  
Despite all this. the same  liberal media that celebrated Bruce Jenner’s decision to be a female, recoils when Rachel Donezal claims to be AA.  Why is this story of any more interest than the “race” of Mr. Obama’s mother ..a “white woman” descended from one of America’s first African American slaves?   My guess is that liberals think race is really a disease, and at least for Black people you need at least one 16th Black blood to be a real Black.  I have known Black people who tried to “pass” for white who were treated about as badly as Ms Donezal.  
This idea that identity is based on some gene is racism.  Of course the 1/16th rule was applied to Jews by Hitler.  This was very weird since Jewish “race” can be acquired as a choice.  Anyone who wants to join our race can do so with a lot less surgery thanCaitlyn Jenner used to become a girl or skin creams used by Michael Jackson in his effort to become a white man.  Jews  actually offer a formal procedure, with tests and a ritual bath (plus surgery formales).  Complete theprocedures and you become a bona fideyid.  Many Native American tribes alsoprovide a naturalization procedure.Michelle Obama’s cousin, a Black Rabbi, is offering conversion to the Jewish people to those Nigerians who wish to be Jews. To tell the truth, I feel a lot closer to the Black community than I do to the white world.  Maybe the black community needs a conversion ritual?  

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