17-year-old girl arrested for rejecting cop’s advances

Twitter picture of Natalie Erlich @MONEYWEEDNAT - confirmed by her mother at 2144 Cortona parkway apt 5G in the Bronx. The city handed $45,000 to a pretty Bronx teen who sued when a NYPD cop tried to flirt with her as she bought an after-school snack ñ and then locked her up when she shot him down, court papers state. Natalie Erlich was just 17-year-old when police officer Jose Peinan and another cop sparked up a conversation with her and two other schoolgirls in Kingsbridge on November 4 2013. ìAngered at having his advances rebuffed, defendant Peinan ordered the arrest of Natalie Erlich and her friend Marie Gonzales,î her Manhattan federal court lawsuit states. ìPeinan then unlawfully subjected the two completely innocent women to approximately 19 hours of detention and charged them with Obstruction of Governmental Administration.î The charges against both teens were later dropped and last week the city agreed to settle the lawsuit for $45,000. When Erlichís sister-in-law asked why she was being handcuffed, a cop said, ìSheís a smart-ass. She knows why.î Another male cop frisked Erlich, ìtouching her breasts,î her suit said. Erlich declined to talk through her lawyer. ìSheís satisfied with the results and wants to move on with her life,î said lawyer Samuel Maduegbuna. Peinan has been named in three other suits the city has been forced to settle in the last three years: two false arrests and an illegal search.

NYPD has agreed to pay $45,000 to a Bronx teenager arrested and held in jail overnight for refusing a cop’s advances. The girl, who claimed she also was groped, sued for wrongful arrest and sexual harassment. The cop, Jose Peinan, has three other lawsuits pending against him but hasn’t been disciplined, according to the New York Post (click here for story).

Photo: The victim

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