How the boycott movement and religious fanatics collaborate to promote Armageddon

So sad. The religious fanatics on the West Bank, the Christian fanatics in the US, arrogant white Europeans, and the Hamasniks and boycotters all want war.

WE, the semites, Arabs and Jews, are their victims.

Here are a few selected comments from the FACEBOOK thread: 
Leslie Harris I have never in my life advocated for war, my civil consciousness grew in the sixties, I was agains Viet Nam, and when GW lied us into war, when every one else was beating a war drum, I said wait a minute? Iraq had nothing to do with 911, what are we doing? So when I need a lesson in working for peace ,dude, I wont be needing it from you

Hassan Low Hassan Low They’re DEMONS!

Andy Dent good to see the old anti semite card being played, they’re Khazars not semite, they are not entitled to the land, they are an evil, insidious, venomous and vile blight upon humanity, and so are those that follow the israelis and defend the murderers, shame on you !!!!!

Colleen Hollister Knottnerus You are all like little kindergarteners who listen to the bully on the playground. Shame on all of you for being so naive and ignorant. And for being such “followers” to amazing stupidity.

Zainab Abader Colleen – please watch. Then talk.
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Tarik Martin Shurdom The IDF actually poisoned the water supplies of many Palestinian villages in 1948, the largest of whom was Acre, in which a typhus epidemic raged in the days before Israel conquered it in 1948. This was a campaign not only to panic inhabitants into leaving, it was meant to prevent them from returning. In this sense, the use of biological weapons was a tool of the Nakba, a way to guarantee that expelled Palestinians could not return to their native villages and re-populate them.…/israels-fourth…/

Richard Lipp Harvesting organs? I suppose the Jews are still draining children’s blood to make unleavened bread during Passover too right???

Someone’s good at putting photos of people next to things they didn’t write.

What a perfect example of the age of misinformation and appropriation of identities in the battle of propaganda and pursuit of an Anti Semitic agenda.



Arabs and Jews need peace! 


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