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Where are the black faces?


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Cleveland judge rules Tamir Rice’s killer should face murder charges

A Cleveland judge ruled today there’s probably cause to charge Police Officer Timothy Loehmann with murder for the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Loehmann opened fire on Rice, who was playing with a toy gun in a public park, moments after exiting hi squad care. Just months earlier, Loehmann [...]

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Little Rock cops attack blind man

Click here for story. Comment: Being a police officer requires a modicum of personal courage, and if these guys are terrified of a blind guy with a talking clock in his back pocket, they should be in some other line of work.  [...]

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Crazy rightwing preacher compares Caitlyn Jenner to serial killers and communist dictators


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McKinney pool casualties mount …

1. The cop has resigned. 2. The woman who started the pool fight has been suspended from her job. 3. A Florida school principal who praised the police response has been demoted and reassigned. 4. A Texas teacher who ranted against black people on Facebook has been suspended from her teaching duties.[...]

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The citizen who called the cops about black kids in the pool is …

“The man who called 911 to complain about a group of black teenagers at a pool party in Texas, and defended the controversial police response as a ‘good amount of aggression,’ is a convicted felon who spent time in jail for violent behavior and torturing animals,” according [...]

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How the boycott movement and religious fanatics collaborate to promote Armageddon

So sad. The religious fanatics on the West Bank, the Christian fanatics in the US, arrogant white Europeans, and the Hamasniks and boycotters all want war. WE, the semites, Arabs and Jews, are their victims. Here are a few selected comments from the FACEBOOK thread: [...]

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Colbert on the Supremes


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The Good Guys