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Civil War II

Glenn Beck Threatens Holy War If Supreme Court Passes Marriage Equality (VIDEO) Beck and Company are locked and loaded for Christian Persecution Holy War.|By Lanie Hopkins[...]

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50th Anniversary of first APPLE II computers


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Jon Stewart’s McKinney pool skit — it’s a crackup!


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Bobby Jindal is too weak to be president

If Bobby Jindal can’t stand up to Grover Norquist, how can he face down Vladimir Putin? “Louisiana is in dire straits …. As budget disasters go it’s well on its way to being the next Kansas …. For months now legislators have accused Jindal of kowtowing to Norquist[...]

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Residents of McKinney, Texas: Racists? Who? Us?

Yeah, you, the white citizens of McKinney, Texas, are a pack of racists. What you did to your neighbor’s Obama yard sign back in 2012 proves it. (Click here for story)[...]

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More Jews!!!

Shavei Israel sending first ever emissary to Nigerian Jews Brian Blum of Shavei Israel   are seeking a return to their ancient roots.  Like In 2012, Daniel Limor was invited to a royal audience with an African village king – a member of the Igbo tribe, the second largest ethnic group in Nige[...]

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Rev. Pat Robertson’s comforting words to mom whose baby died

This freak’s also a billionaire trader in blood diamonds, in case you didn’t know.[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is wrong with this picture?