City Council !1Sawant makes a great deal of her claim that her opponents are taking money from developers and corporations …

Is this so?  
here is the data from the Seattle web site:

SAWANT’S MONEY:  Outside her district and especially outside Seattle!

Sawant: $82,o0o Leading contributors by employer:  Canadian National Railway, several labor unions, Microsoft, Sanofi, Amazon, Epic, Boeing. Zillow, law firms

Banks:  $48,500 Leading contributors by employer: Sorrento (D3 Hotel), Andra (downtown hotel), Trilogy (Wireless provider), Real Networks, Retail Lockbox (transactions service), Tutta Bella (pizza), law firms,dentist, doctors
Hearne: $46,000 Leading contributors by employer:  relatives, Iship (shipping web site), Trilogy (Wireless provider), Maveron (venture capital), law firms,  Kaiser Permante (HMO), Fedelta (senior care),


D3 cmapaign contributions

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