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Another racist cop attack

Sometimes I get the feeling cops look for excuses to attack black people.[...]

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Airline travel is about to get even more uncomfortable

Boeing (NYSE:BA) recently announced it was looking to increase the seating capacity of its 777 300ER commercial aircraft by reducing the size of the lavatories, saying it could add up to 14 extra seats in the aircraft and give airlines room to improve their unit passenger margins. Boeing also is try[...]

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UPDATE: South Carolina cop indicted in death of black man shot in back

This an update to a story on TA about North Charleston, a town North of Charleston, SC.  This town has been run for two decades one (white man) and has a town government that is all white.   The Mayor has taken great credit for taking action is firing the cop.  This is also the town […][...]

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Seattle Housing Crisis: A Proposed Answer

Last week I released my proposal to increase the supply of homes in Seattle using a strategy of inclusionary up-zoning–with special attention to affordable housing for people earning the minimum wage. Increasing supply takes time and will not happen overnight. My new proposal for a voucher program[...]

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America’s new housing crisis

It’s no secret America is facing a new housing crisis. This issue is getting more media play recently. Its roots lie in the collapse of residential construction after the housing crash. Also, changes in employment patterns, an explosion of student debt, and the reluctance of millenials to star[...]

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GOP pollster says more Americans are rejecting conservative ideology

“A new analysis of Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll data finds a marked  increase in the share of registered voters identifying themselves as liberals, and an even bigger drop in the share saying they are conservatives. … The analysis by GOP pollster Bill McInturff, who looked at surv[...]

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Poor kids are being priced out of school lunches

“The average price of an elementary school lunch has surged 52 percent in just 11 years” while “the median income of U.S. households has declined 5.4 percent” during the same period, CBS News reports. But many Republicans want to cut food stamps and spend more money on milita[...]

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Update: Killer cop indicted

A South Carolina cop caught on video shooting a black man in the back, and then planting his taser on the body to make it look like the victim tried to grab a weapon, has been indicted by a grand jury for murder. South Carolina, which flaunts its Confederate heritage, ironically has taken the lead [[...]

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Seattle District 3 : Please feel free to print out your own badge or I will have some at the meeting.

PRINT ME OUT The debate among the candidates for District 3 will happen tonight at 7, Bush School. Since there has been a problem with outsiders packing the previous meetng, I have made a D3 badge.  The badge does not identify any campaign, but it is a way of people who live in the District identi[...]

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June 8: 60th anniversary of Alan Turing’s suicide

Just Before Christmas, Alan Turing finally gets pardon for being Gay! Last year about this time, a pardon was given to  the man whose  code breaking prowess helped the Allies outfox the Nazis,  whose theories laid the foundation for the computer age, and whose work on artificial intelligence has[...]