WSU’s president gets lavish pay

“Washington State University President Elson Floyd is the fourth-highest-paid public-college president in the nation” and his base salary “was the second-highest among presidents of the nation’s public colleges in 2014,” according to the Seattle Times. Elson made $725,000 plus a $152,250 bonus for a total of $877,250 last year.

Of 238 public university CEOs, only the head of the multi-college University of Texas system receives higher base pay, and Floyd’s total pay is exceeded only by the heads of Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M, and Ohio State. He slightly edged out the head of the University of Chicago for the No. 4 spot on the highest-paid list.

A WSU regent says Floyd is “worth every penny,” citing his success at squeezing startup funding for WSU’s new medical school from the cash-strapped state legislation as one of his many towering accomplishments. Floyd, 59, is currently on medical leave for treatment of colon cancer.

It takes the tuition payments of 72 full-time students to pay Floyd his salary and bonus. But what Floyd makes is chickenfeed compared to football coach Mike Leach’s $2.575 million paycheck and basketball coach Ken Bone’s $2.349 million paycheck. Mere professors at WSU make an average of $o.105 million per year.

(For sources, click here and here.)

Photos: This black guy makes only 1/3 as much as these white guys even though he’s their boss. Is that fair? Of course, they win more games than he does; and what could possibly be more important than winning games?



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