BREAKING NEWS: Democracy Works in an Islamic State!


If Turks can do this, maybe Israelis will cleanse themselves of Netanyahu.  Imagine the Middle East with two, well-led democracies … Maybe three if this leads Turkey to support full statehood for Kurdistan!

Turkish parliamentary elections 2015.

CLICKME Erfdogan’s natural ally is more conservative, likely ending his efforts to bring Turkey’s Kurds into normal life as citizens. Joining up with the Kurdish party, on the other hand, will force Erdogan to moderate his attacks on the press, to advance civil rights for the Kurds and other minorities, including the LGBT community, and distance Turkey from the Syrian conflict. Neither of these parties have a clear doctrine on Turkey’s relationship with Israel, so whatever coalition emerges, as long as Erdogan is president, no change in Turkey’s attitude toward Israel is expected.”

This is no longer far-fetched. The new Saudi regime is aware that it cannot stand against Iran unless it allies with well-run democratic states. 

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