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A killer cop is convicted

LAPD Officer Mary O’Callaghan, who kicked Alesia Thomas to death in the back seat of a patrol car, was convicted of “assault under color of authority” by a Los Angeles jury today. “A dashboard camera in a police cruiser captured O’Callaghan kicking the handcuffed Thomas[...]

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Global Warming: First in First Out

JAMESTON, VA .. First colony doomed by global warming  On a visit last year, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell saw sections of the colony that since a 2003 Hurricane lie destroyed, beneath the low-lying banks of the James River Read full story[...]

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Buchenwald 73: Anniversary of my father’s death

Despite my brother Hugh and sister Stephanies’s sad efforts to destroy the collection of images my father made in Buchenwald and my brother in law’s efforts to demean my Dad’s memory by claiming he did not make the pictures, I  have (poor) copies made of the images taken by my D[...]

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The Truth About Jerusalem .. Neither Promised by God Nor Eternal

Sorry bubbelahs .. Jerusalem is never mentioned in Judaism’s only book of revelation .. the Torah. Christians may think there is God’s word in Isaiah or Jesus but that is not part of Judaism. The ideas that is has always been the capital of the Jew ss also false. As for history, Jerusale[...]

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Radical Republicans: Meet Mona

Meet 34-year-old Steve Wiles, GOP candidate for the North Carolina Senate. He supports Amendment 1, North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage. However, there is another side to Mr. Wiles. According Randy Duggins, former owner of the gay bar Club Odyssey, Wiles was a frequent patron of the club in [...]

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How mealy-mouthed is Rubio?

Watch this video and judge for yourself.[...]

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What Netanyahu Hath Wrought

What BDS can not achieve, Netanyahu is getting done … driving business out of Israel. A few days ago THE-Ave.US reported on the decision by French Telecom’s giant Orange to leave Israel. Orange  announced the decision and said it was based on not wanting to be part of Israeli occupati[...]

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Great Weekend Venue


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Condoms in Uganda

Condom advert causes uproar The Uganda AIDS Commission and medical experts are annoyed over a campaign which openly advises cheating spouses to use condoms.[...]