Why I am not praising Caitlin

Caitlin, formerly known as Bruce Jenner has become the face of the Trans Gender community, despite the fact that Jenner’s reality does not reflect the majority of Trans Gender people’s reality.

All I have heard about Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shot is how “beautiful” some people think she is.  Not one mention of the thousands of dollars, Ms. Jenner spent in order to look the way she does.  What message does that send to Trans gender people?

 (Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair via AP)

Caitlin was paid for this. Another privilege that she has that the majority of Trans Gender people can not relate too.(Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair via AP)

The majority of Trans Gender people can not afford to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery.  The majority of Trans Gender people can not afford the doctors visits, hormones, and other medications and services associated with transitioning into either a man or woman.

Jenner will never be turned away from a doctors office due to insufficient funds.  Jenner will never have to worry about whether or not her insurance covers the treatments necessary.    She has the status and the privilege to be able to make this change and be praised, rather than be looked down on.

I look at this photo and get upset, not because Jenner has decided to become a woman.  I get upset because the majority of people praising Jenner, have little to no knowledge about what the majority of Trans Gender people actually go through.  Jenner has undoubtedly become the face of the Trans gender community in the public eye, but sad to say, it is for all the wrong reasons.

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