Where is Sawant’s District? Who is her partner?

There seems to a lot of confusion and an error on my part.

The confusion was about Facebook.  A search of groups on FB did not show a page for the District 3 election.  I have since found one (below).

The error on my part was claiming that Kshama Sawant is living with and supported by her husband, Vivek Sawant, a long term Microsoft employee.

I have now been told that she is living with someone else. My source tells me she is living with her campaign manger Calvin Priest.  I have no no direct knowledge of this, nor do I know if she still gets money from Mr. Sawant or from her Mr. Priest. As for Mr. Priest, according to his LinkdIn page,  his only current employment is as her campaign manager and as a member of the board of her poltical party.  

 My issue, however is not who she sleeps with but her sources of income. Sawant did claim that she would only accept $40,000 from the city but then reneged and now takes the full salary. (She claims she donates the sum over 40k to her political party and other “charities.”) This is all while castigating others .. her opponents .. as being funded by corporations and raising funds in New York.

.  A lot of the posts on Facebook seem to come from her activist living everywhere BUT the 3rd .. from Tennessee, Oregon, Laurelhurst, the Rainier Valley, New York.  I was surprised when a friend on Facebook told me that there was group devoted to the District.  So I went there and found, to my pleasure there was a group!

So far it seems that there has been little coverage of the election, mostly by Swantistas who may not live here.

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