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District 3: The REAL Issues

Is it possible to  discuss the real District 3 issues in the election for a city council member for District 3? Over at Facebook there is a group for District 3.  When I posted there about the problem created by Sawantism .. her use of crowds to block discussion nf real issues … I was [&hell[...]

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Where is Sawant’s District? Who is her partner?

There seems to a lot of confusion and an error on my part. The confusion was about Facebook.  A search of groups on FB did not show a page for the District 3 election.  I have since found one (below). The error on my part was claiming that Kshama Sawant is living with and supported […][...]

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Sawantism: political tactics

Socialist Alternative from 2014 campaign against Franl Chopp By Calvin Priest,  campaign manager for Kshama Sawant’s Seattle city council re-election this year. He’s on Socialist Alternative’s Executive Committee. previously Vote Spear campaign manager (Mr. Priest is also now clo[...]

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“The workers should take over the factories, and shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine.” Sawant describes her self as a Trotskyite.  For those not into radical jargon. Leon Trotsky was one of Lenin’s top lieutenants in the establishment of a totalitarian regime.  The main goal of L[...]

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Facts about police shootings

Journalists at the Washington Post and Guardian have recently conducted extensive studies of police shootings in the United States. The story is reported by Mother Jones here. A summary of their findings: 1. Police killed twice as many suspects as FBI figures indicated — about 2.5 per day on a[...]

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UPDATE: My $700 bet against Sawant

This post originally appeared a few weeks ago after  Sawant packed a debate meeting at Mt. Zion Baptist … filling it with white supporters from outside the District. While I admired and supported Kshma’s  campaign for the $15 minimum wage, she has  become a demagogue and shown absolu[...]

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Rent affordability map

How much you must earn in each state to afford a 2-bedroom apartment. (From Daily Kos)[...]

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Racism map

The surprise is how racist the Northeast is under this measuring methodology. (From Daily Kos)  [...]

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Where Did Hastert Get $3,500,000?

While the Tea Party rails that our Senators and Representative serve too long and make too much money, the bigger question so how is that they make so much money beyond their salaries. This question is not limited to Repugnants.  Even Dwight Eisenhower .. after a life on the modest income of a sold[...]