Is Sawant Running for City Council in Gaza?

Chris Hedges is a major supporter of Kshama Sawant.   She regularly appears with him on the stage.   Hedges will be in Seattle to campaign for Sawant at a rally at Townhall June 6, 2015 at 6:30PM, Saturday

.Like Hedges,Swant never speaks of how to get peace.  Worse they defend Hamas, as if 67 years afterthe creation of Israel, Hamas and its war mongering allies want peace between Israel and its neighbors.How can she see this an appropriate evrnt in her campaign for the Seattle City Council? 

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  1. theaveeditor #

    A comment from Jack Smith n Facebook: Stephen Schwartz I live in the 5th District but I am concerned about what happens to the entire Council. Do you attend many meetings? I haven’t seen you there. If you would have attended you would have seen that Sawant contributes significantly to the Council, although frequently the Establishment does not like to hear the truth she speaks. They seem to prefer Seattle as a Developer City with tall glass building throughout and pretty living conditions for the wealthy. What is your vision other then your concern about who lives in your District. Many of us are pleased with having the diverse voice Sawant brings to the City Council. Why do you only post “Do you live in the 3rd? 

  2. theaveeditor #

    My response:
    If you want to support her as some sort of city wide trubune, then that is fine BUT she is not running at large. For that matter, most her ideas have little to do with Seattle .. e.g. a worker takeover of Boeing may be good red meat for a Maoist rally in Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura or even Maharashtra bat Seattle???

    I also find it bizarre that you think she is “diverse.” How is Sawant, a Brahmin, “divers?” Do you know anything baut India’s class issues? She is an upper class Hindustani married to a high level Microsoft executive. Like many upper class Indinas who come here she is very much closer to our own upper clas culture than to anything reotely like the working class.

    Her effort to paint herself as working class (or ethnic) rings false. Her (their income) is well into the six figures. I was incensed by her false claiming that she was giving up $70,000 of her city slary and would live on 40k! It is “damn white of her to take the full slary and then donate it to a charity ofe her choice .. reminds of Mr Romney’s donations to his church!

    As for the City Council Meetings, I am not into that sort of activism. I do edit THE Ave and know many of the politicians here inI fYOU wnat to Seattle. Do you read THE-Ave? Do yu attend DL???

    As for MY ideas about District 3, >>I<< am not runing for office. if Sawant were actually at all interested in this part of Seattle why has SHE said nothing about "her" district? Why, in her two years in offcie, has hs enever run a commuty meeting? Finally, if she wants to serve District 3, why does she pack OUR cnadidate forums with outsiders?