A clearcut case of self-defense

From Raw Story:

“A Minnesota journalist says her parents, who are Muslim Americans, were victims of an armed hate crime in a Minneapolis suburb. … Around 11:00 PM last Friday, Majida and Adly Abumayaleh drove … to pick up their teenage son from a party in a residential neighborhood. Before they were able to get out of the car, a woman approached the couple’s vehicle, … began pounding on the car’s windows and doors, and commanding the Abumayalehs to get out of the vehicle. … Fearful, the Abumayalehs … exited the vehicle and, while Knoble held her gun to Adly’s back, the trio approached the house where the Abumayalehs’ son was …. Knoble, satisfied that the family was not a threat …’backed off’ …. Police arrested Knoble at her home nearby and … recovered [a] pellet gun.”

1272317141851432878Photo: This self-appointed “neighborhood watch” vigilante is in jail charged with assault and making a terroristic threat. She’s lucky to be alive. The victims would’ve been justified to shoot her dead in self-defense.



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