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Iranian View of ISIS

  Israel also makes an appearance, with a cartoon of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shown riding an ISIS “monster,” holding a bloody sword – this in criticism of Israel’s alleged contribution to the strengthening of the terror organization.[...]

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NYC Housing Authority acts to protect employees from cops

The New York City Housing is requiring its employees to wear orange vests, ordering them to wear ID tags, and giving them special training to reduce their chances of being shot by police. Read the story here.[...]

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A clearcut case of self-defense

From Raw Story: “A Minnesota journalist says her parents, who are Muslim Americans, were victims of an armed hate crime in a Minneapolis suburb. … Around 11:00 PM last Friday, Majida and Adly Abumayaleh drove … to pick up their teenage son from a party in a residential neighb[...]

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Slur of the Day

Tar baby (UK; U.S.; and N.Z.) a black child.[187][...]

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Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds | Fox News

FACEBOOK:  In its usual style ,Fox tries to foment racism.  The network of O’Reilly summarized genetic studies as proving that race is real!  Not only real BUT … according to Fox ..genetics proves Blacks are better athletes. Fox:  “Prehistoric population ‘bottlenecks̵[...]

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Chicago PD didn’t want you to see this photo

It’s a Polaroid snapshot ca. 1999-2003 of two cops posing with rifles over a black guy wearing antlers. It was released this week by a Chicago judge over police officials’ objections, according to CNN (click here for story). Neither of the cops, Tim McDermott and Jerome Finnigan, is stil[...]