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Sen. Rubio: Christianity in “danger” from gay marriage advocates

“Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took a decidedly conservative turn on same-sex marriage in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this week, warning that ‘there’s a real and present danger’ that gay marriage proponents will cast the teachings of mainstream Christianit[...]

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State by state obesity rankings

Fittest: Hawaii, Colorado, Montana, California, Massachusetts, Idaho, South Dakota, New York, Minnesota, Connecticut Fattest: Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri I don’t know about you, but I see more of a fried-chicken correlat[...]

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Soccer’s den of thieves

It’s been an open secret for years that Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), soccer’s international governing body and World Cup sponsor, is a corrupt organization. Today, those suspicions became indictments, arrests, and extradition requests. The charges by the U[...]

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N. Carolina Regents Axe 46 Degrees

“We’re capitalists, and we have to look at what the demand is, and we have to respond to the demand.” — A North Carolina university regent Gone from North Carolina’s educational system: Appalachian State University: Family and Consumer Sciences, Secondary Education; Technology Educ[...]

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NO! Netanyahu’s government[...]

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Seattle’s Apartheid Success

Back in the 70s, while we liberals were protesting Apartheid in Capetown,  Seattle’s ethnic housing practices created ghettoes. Segregation here, as in South Africa, was not just for “colored” people.   Restrictive racial covenants prohibited the sale or rental of properties to [...]