Rush Limbaugh Attacks Obama’s Trade Agenda

Rush and Bernie  Great Wall

“Republicans are providing the necessary push to get it passed, which kind of bothers me,” Limbaugh said. “Since it’s an Obama deal, the odds are it isn’t good. Since it’s an Obama deal, the odds are the United States is gonna take it in the shorts, as we have on so much of the Obama agenda, both domestic and foreign policy. ….Why in the world, when Obama’s trade deal is flittering away by the wayside because his own party doesn’t want it — a trade deal that should not be authorized because nobody has seen it — do all of a sudden Republicans come along to bail it out and essentially make it possible?”

Fast track would strip Congress of the ability to filibuster or amend whatever deal Obama eventually reaches. That block is also the basis for objections by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders’

I have learned to fear our system when the nut right and the well meaning left seem tp agree.  In the 0s the two sides agreed on mental health care .. close the hospitals, they said.  The left wanted to do this because mental health hospitals infringed on the civil rights of patients.  In part this was because the underfunded hospitals had become poor houses.  The R’s, as usual, wanted to save money.


Now the  Tea Party hates anything our Black President proposes and their leaders claim the President wants to undermine U.S. sovereignty.  On the left,  liberal critics and the unions argue it will exacerbate income inequality and empower foreign corporations to attack important U.S. regulations.

Here, from FACEBOOK, is an example of Tea Party think:

While you and your family were sleeping – Senate Republicans voted to give President Obama even more power by advancing his trade deal.

Critics believe the plan will send more American jobs overseas — and Sen. Ted Cruz was one of the Republicans who sided with the president — in the dark of night.

Matt Drudge called it “the night of the Republican suicide.”

First the Republicans refuse to defend religious liberty and now they have betrayed the American working man.

Republicans campaign as conservatives but govern as Democrats. Todd Starnes


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