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Republicans vs. Republicants

Ex-Reagan adviser: Fox News is ‘self-brainwashing’ Republicans into a radical fringe party[...]

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Pastor’s wife says Josh Duggar was just “playing doctor” with little girls

“The wife of a Texas pastor incited a major controversy … when she deemed reality star Josh Duggar’s admission of molesting five girls as ‘playing doctor’ …,” the New York Daily News reported. “Carrie Hurd, the wife of Texas pastor Patrick Hurd, made [...]

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Bay Area residents looking for homes in Seattle BY JOHN COOK on May 25, 20154 Comments One of the most interesting trends we’ve tracked at GeekWire over the past few years is the arrival in Seattle of what we dub the Silicon Valley tech giants. Huge… Read More[...]

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How can cops be so terribly wrong, yet not go to jail?

A car backfires, but cops think they hear a gunshot aimed at them, chase the car down, and fire 137 bullets into it. The two people inside, including a totally innocent female passenger, end up dead — each shot more than 20 times. Michael Brelo, the cop who jumped up on the car’s hood af[...]

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Slavery in Asia’s seafood industry

Do you read food labels to find out where the product came from? I don’t trust places like China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. For one thing, inspection and regulation is unreliable there. And also because some Asian seafood is produced by slaves. Western news organizations recently have [...]

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Memorial Day: What Happens After War War???