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Explaining the difference between a full-blown asshole and a mere ass

No, really, this is important; don’t laugh, you’ve gotta read this article. This excerpt shows why: “What separates the asshole from the psychopath is that he engages in moral reasoning (he understands that people have rights; his entitlement simply leads him to believe his rights [...]

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Huckabee: Supreme Court can’t overrule President and Congress

So much for Marbury v. Madison. The Ivy League law schools are wrong![...]

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John & Alicia Nash killed in car crash

Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia, who were portrayed in the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” were killed Saturday when the airport taxi they were riding in crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike. They were returning home from a trip to Norway. The cab driver lost cont[...]

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This is a remarkable FACEBOOK tribute to family and friends from my ‘hood.  Members of a FB group are sharing memories of  families who died in America’s wars. I always celebrated this day with my  Dad. He lost many friends in WWII.  Today, looking at these posts and wondering how [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: FACEBOOK Misquotes of George Washington

Poor George. The First US Prexy gets quoted in support of every right wing agenda, usually placing George on his feet before the right’s imagined first father, Jesus.  GW was pretty much clear but staying out of churches easy for these places to tarnish his well carved image of probity a[...]

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Sunday Revelations: A Church Service

If you have not seen Brother Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist, you are missing one of the great joys of life. Hilarious and chilling, erudite and crass, quoting Voltaire with a vivid Ozarks accent, Brother Sam’s performance kidnaps the style of a Pentecostal revival meeting and uses it to deliver[...]