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Ted Nugent is a dick

American pop culture is polluted by too many loathsome characters to catalog them all, but Ted Nugent surely has earned a life membership in Dickipedia.[...]

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Votes Overwhelmingly For Gay Marriage… First Country To Legalize Via Referendum…Couples Flock To Central Dublin…[...]

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Protests erupt in Cleveland after judge acquits killer cop

Demonstrators took to the streets in Cleveland this morning after a white judge acquitted a white police officer who killed the unarmed black occupants of a vehicle by standing on the hood and firing through the windshield. Police had chased the car after hearing a backfire noise they thought was a [...]

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DAVEY JONES: A Life Boat Gets Its Motor Stolen

where we were… ¬†We¬†stowed survival suits and went to check the life boats, it turns out that the motor from the port boat had been stolen…This was rather strange, as a life boat motor is not something often stolen, first off they’re heavy, in the 1200LBS range, second, they are h[...]