Sawantism explained by David Goldstein: “She’s a Trotskyist, not Maoist or a Stalinist.”

sawantOver on FACEBOOK, David Goldstein valiantly tries to explain how he can support Kshama Sawant while this Brahmin Trotskyite proclaims her goal as overthrow of the Democratic Party, packs public meetings in her own district with her supporters and listens while her drew yell and scream so others’ vices can not be heard?

 A better question for David might be to ask why does he call himself a Democrat while supporting a person who leads a personal party that is in opposition to ALL local Democrats and even ran Jess Spear against Frank Chop, the most effective liberal leader in the Washington State house? ?

Isn’t Sawantism  the Maoist idea that an elite few can decide how to govern best for all the people? Sawant vs the Swiss

Is Sawant a Trotskyite  or a Democrat?  If the  latter does she lead her own party?  Does he support and work for any of the causes led by our Senators?  Is her real objective to give herself a platform where she can become a rich talking head?

Here is a challenge for David. Is Kshama just a hypocrite?   How does David react as an employee of a leftish corporate magnate, when his protégé demeans  Pam Banks and Rod Hearn, her Democratic opponents, as being corporate tools?   

Ha Navi Goldstein

David Goldstein”   That’s stupid red baiting, Steve. She’s a Trotskyist, not Maoist or a Stalinist. She’s a democratic socialist, not a totalitarian. And she’s a city council member, not a dictator. So don’t get silly.

Can David tell us what “corporation” Kshama refers to? Does Kshama mean Amazon? Is she against Amazon’s take over of so much of Seattle? If David agrees that on Pam and Rod being corporate tools, hwhat corporations do they represent?  As for David himself, he works for a Amazon billionaire.  Does Nick support corporatist goals? 

Does Sawant get money from her husband at Microsoft?
She never seems to mention the huge building just East of Seattle Center.  Does Swantist ideology include Gates and Microsoft? The Gates Foundation is effectively a tax free vehicle IN SEATTLE for the uber wealthy troika of Bill., Warren and Melinda to exert their poltical will? Is she shy about this because SHE is corporate or because her husband works for Microsoft?    How would David react if Rod asked her these questions?

I am not calling David or Kshama as hypocrites. Everyone has to make compromises with reality, but calling others names is demogoguery .. the kind of crap we saw during Vietnam where Maoists hurt the anti war cause by their claimnng to be the voice of the people and demeaning heroes like Uohn Kerry.

There is so much more about Sawant that is phony. She claims to be a labor advocate.   A large number of her constituents work for the city’s largest employer …  the Udub. Howsit that the Sawantistas are NOT involved in the union labor movement on campus?? Does she even know that the UW avoids the minimum wage laws by outsourcing jobs?

Just asking ….


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