Oil spill fouls Santa Barbara Channel again

oil2015-05-20t052655z644031788gf10000101033rtrmadp3usa-california-oilspill!1“Slicks of oil that spilled into California coastal waters from an onshore pipeline spanned a total of 9 miles Wednesday, and a company official said the line was operating at full capacity when it broke, suggesting much more oil escaped than initially estimated. … The rupture happened on the same stretch of coastline as a 1969 spill that was the largest ever in U.S. waters at the time and is credited with giving rise to the American environmental movement.” — Quoted from CBS News

Meanwhile, Seattleites are protesting Big Oil’s invasion of Elliott Bay, but Big Oil doesn’t care. This is America, where government is of, by, and for corporations and the people’s voice doesn’t count, so they can do as they please.

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