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Chris Christie: “I’m not wealthy”

Chris Christie and his wife (who works on Wall Street) have income of at least $600,000 a year, according to their state financial disclosure reports, yet the bombastic New Jersey governor and White House wannabe insists they’re “not wealthy.” That’s news to minimum-wage work[...]

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It’s amazing what happens when dittoheads think about what they’re supporting

“Luis Lang, who is currently crowdfunding for medical expenses that he can’t afford because he didn’t sign up for insurance under Obamacare, has become a viral sensation. However, the 49-year-old South Carolina resident says he doesn’t want to be the poster child for the Republican Part[...]

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What wind farms may look like

No noisy spinning blades to kill birds. (Click here for article; click image to enlarge.)[...]

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Oil spill fouls Santa Barbara Channel again

“Slicks of oil that spilled into California coastal waters from an onshore pipeline spanned a total of 9 miles Wednesday, and a company official said the line was operating at full capacity when it broke, suggesting much more oil escaped than initially estimated. … The rupture happened [...]

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Sawantism explained by David Goldstein: “She’s a Trotskyist, not Maoist or a Stalinist.”

Over on FACEBOOK, David Goldstein valiantly tries to explain how he can support Kshama Sawant while this Brahmin Trotskyite proclaims her goal as overthrow of the Democratic Party, packs public meetings in her own district with her supporters and listens while her drew yell and scream so others̵[...]

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University of Alabama Outbids Top Ivy Schools to Recruit Black ACADEMIC Student!

THIS IS A MAN BITES DOG STORY: A couple of days ago, THE-Ave wrote about how the University of Alabama has decided to balance its effort at recruiting top student athletes by showing it can recruiting top students!  Now Ronald Nelson, a Black student from Tennessee,   turned down every Ivy League[...]