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The UW AAUP (below) is advocating  “a Fully-Funded, Democratically Run UW.”  This seems to me to be a very poorly thought out idea.  Here is my alternative. Of  course most liberals believe that our state should fully support the costs fo all higher education. Of course we. as a com[...]

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Amtrak train was hit by sniper fire

The Amtrak train that crashed Tuesday night, killing 8 passengers and injuring more than 200 others, has engine windshield damage consistent with being struck by either a bullet or rock, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday. At least one other train also reported being hit by a bulle[...]

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Walmart adopts Sharia law!

Walmart didn’t really adopt Sharia law. GOP ex-congressman Allen West just assumed it did because (1) the underage cashier couldn’t ring up West’s booze, and (2) the cashier had a Muslimy-sounding name. But the world already knows West is an idiot … Photo: Dumber than a box[...]

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Southwest Airlines refused to help passenger prevent her husband’s suicide

Karen Momsen-Evers had just boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Milwaukee when her husband texted her that he was going to kill himself. According to Fox News, she showed the text message to a flight attendant, but he pushed her cellphone aside and told her to put it in “a[...]

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‘Distinctive’ causes of death by state

Researchers have discovered that “distinctive” causes of death vary widely from state to state. (A “distinctive” cause is more prevalent in that state than for the nation as a whole.) This study implies you’re at particular risk of the following causes of death if you l[...]

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Black Monopoly

“Black Monopoly” is a version of the board game in which all the players are black and go to jail no matter which square they land on. It was invented by the Miami Beach police department. I don’t know if they’ve applied for a patent. (Click here for story.)[...]

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Boston bomber gets death penalty

A federal jury has sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death.[...]

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The AVE Challenge; Who or what is “Sriracha”

a. Bollywood’s latest star b. Ritual for purification of the dead in New Guinea c. Name of Oprah’s love child with Tibetan mink d. Popular hot sauce from Thailand e. Legendary lost city off the coast of Guatemala  [...]

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“I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know.” Thomas Jefferson in a letter dated June 25, 1819,[...]

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Stall em out

The world is Sick and tired of the ongoing fighting between Israel and Palestine, it is safe to say that the world wants peace between the two.  135 nations recognize Palestine as a state, the UN granted Palestine with observer-state status in 2012. The recent news that the Vatican now recognizes P[...]