Stem Cell Fraud

ChuckChuck Murry,
Professor of Pathology
UW Stem Cell Center

A pain clinic in Coeur d’Alene ID is pushing the ability of amniotic stem cells to cure everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction. They are touring the region trying to drum up business. This is scientifically, medically and ethically flawed. I gave a fairly strong condemnation of the practice in this article in the Missoula Independent. Beware of the stem cell hucksters! Instead if you’re looking for treatments for various ailments such as erectile dysfunction for example, you could look into a site like and see if their products are able to help people that suffer with erectile dysfunction overcome the possible embarrassing problem.…/medicine/Content…

With every passing PowerPoint slide, amniotic stem cells sound more like a miracle treatment. One statement in particular piques the interest of the 34 people…

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  1. Roxene Lewis #

    Thank you for posting this. I have been searching for anything related to stem cell fraud in Coeur d’Alene IDA. I believe I was a victim of this outfit. They did a seminar in Yakima WA. where I live and I fell for it. They promised all sorts of things, but so far nothing. I went to the Stem Cell Center at a building named the MD Clinic in Coeur d’ Alene for one injection in my knee or hip. A Dr. Watanabe recommended I get 1 injection in my knee and 2 in my hip. That was May 27, 2016. He stated I should give it 3 months & if it wasn’t better then, I should give it 6 months. Three months passed yesterday & if anything, I am worse than ever. I believe I was just conned out of $7500. Pain will make one do some stupid things. I was informed that prior to the injections Dr Watanabe would review my history & have a consult with me. Actually, he stated he had found all my medical hx online and that was about the end of the consult. I was also told that Dr. Watanabe teaches at the UW & is only at the Clinic on Monday & Fridays. I have been unable to find any info. on this Dr. Do you know of him.
    Thank you again for your information,
    Roxene Lewis

  2. Roxene Lewis #

    Professor Murry,
    I forgot to mention that I believe the injections may have caused further problems. I’m not sure if my symptoms are related to the injections I received or just natural degeneration of problems I already had. I had a torn miniscus in my knee about 3 yrs ago and more recently was diagnosed with bone on bone of my right hip. I am basically in continual pain of my whole right leg & walking with a cane. Also, in the past few months, I hurt everywhere. I believe it must be Arthritis, but I will check with my doctors to see what else is going on and pray it has nothing to do with the injections. I was told by Dr. Watanabe to not use any muscle relaxers or steroids. And, that I could use the Tramadol & Tylenol that I have been using. Therefore, I have put off getting steroid shots in my hip & basically have just been suffering, waiting for the magical 3 month period to end. *smiling* I am truly not usually so gullible.
    Thank you once again.
    Roxene Lewis

  3. john #

    in April 2015 i got scammed into getting a stem cell injection.I got a hold of the BBB and gave a full report of how and why I got taken four $5000.00. I hope they put it on their website.

  4. theaveeditor #

    Please feel free to write your story here I obviously do not know the details but I do note a lot of very bad advertising about stem cells

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