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Carly Fiorina has zero chance of being president. As CEO of Hewlett Packard, she was a disaster, and ended up being fired; in her only previous run for public office, against Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2010, she lost by more than 1 million votes; as a political operative, she was so inept that McCain kic[...]

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PUTIN: The Republican Model

Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday defended the infamous pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union that agreed to divide up eastern Europe during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.[...]

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Eating spaghetti .. Saudi Female Style


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Bill Maher explains Jade Helm 15 to Texans

“You rural white people who are always saying things like ‘Don’t mess with Texas’, let me tell you something. You are among the most left alone, least messed with people on the planet. You can carry an assault rifle into a Chili’s. What more do you want. The right to do[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Arriana submits to rape!

Verizon could spin off The Huffington Post after its $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL The Business Insider · 2 minutes ago Verizon may be considering spinning off some of AOL’s content businesses, such as Huffington Post, Engadget, and TechCrunch, following the wireless …[...]

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