FACEBOOK Bigotry: Jews can be anti-Semites too!

Cheryl Mavrikos

Funny she doesn’t look Jewish>

Cheryl Mavrikos in Facebook posted objections to  Obama calling Israel’s decision to annex not only the old city but its surrounds as part od Israel. Fair enough but THEN she goes on ” Meanwhile, a non-American “family” of sorts continues to occupy the most important building in America’s capital, and the White House is in serious need of fumigation.”

When I called her out for bigotry, and asked her is she was actually Jewish, this was the answer:

I place the onus on YOU, Stephen, since not one damned person has ever proved that Obama was born in the USA. Nor has anyone ever come forth with information about his childhood, college education, grades, et cetera. What about his children? Ever see any baby pictures of them? FRAUDS, ALL OF THEM.

Stephen Schwartz And by what bigotries, non Jewish, racist, disgusting idea do you claim that Obama is not an American?
Then this Greek named lady closed my responses to her post but look what follows! 
  • Cheryl Mavrikos And from what rock, little troll, did you crawl out of to find my page?
  • Cheryl Mavrikos Prove to me that he is American, Stephen. He is NOT…nor is he Christian. He is Muslim. I suppose you have a problem accepting the truth, Stephen?

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  1. Lixa #

    Wait, wait, his children are frauds because this woman hasn’t seen baby pictures of them? We’ve watched them grow up over the last 7 years! His college transcripts are a matter of public record and a birth certificate was provided, the birthers just don’t believe it!

  2. theaveeditor #

    I think she wants his baby pictures! You know the ones from Kenya!

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