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North Carolina lawmakers want to stop medical schools from teaching abortion procedures[...]

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ATHLETES AS THUGS!: What happens if a fan files a CIVIL suit for damages against the Effin Pats?

Read the pitiful efforts by the Boston Globe to argue that Brady is innocent until proven guilty. The Globe might have some basis for this IF someone were proposing criminal prosecution.  The standards for civil law, however, is the opposite.  The thugs from Boston would need to ‘splain all [...]

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Housing In Seattle: Should we have mixed income housing?

In a recent (AAUP) post on housing mobility among poor households, I wrote, “”Living next door to a middle class neighbor is going to give someone job skills to be more employable.”   I meant to write “… is NOT going to give someone job skills.”!! My apologies f[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Turkey and Saudi Arabia Alliance

The two major forces in the history of Islam have been Arabia and Turkey.  Islam arose in Arabia, in less than a decade conquered a world bigger than the Roman Empire and centuries later was deposed by the Turks. The succession of the prophet, the appointment of a Caliph as leader of Islam,  move[...]