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College football player kicked off team for punching gay couple

Marshall University fired its star running back from the team today, following his arrest for assaulting two gay men last month. On April 5, Steward Butler observed the men kissing on a downtown street, got out of his car and approached them, and punched their faces. He was identified from cellphone[...]

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This man is a torturer

… and he cost Chicago taxpayers millions. His name is Jon Burge. He was a cop. He tortured people, most of them blacks, to coerce confessions from suspects, including innocents. Today the City of Chicago — which has already paid over $100 million in legal expenses and settlements for pol[...]

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You can not be an advocate for the Black community if you are intimate with people of other ethnicities.   Wow, really?  You have to be kidding me.   Its disappointing that some African Americans feel this way. This made me upset even before I had children of my own.  This thought process w[...]

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Israel’s Diversity

Jerusalem – IDF Soldier Who Left Charedi Community, Receives Medal Of Excellence Jerusalem –  Israel Defense Forces Sgt. David Adani could be behind bars today if not for the success the IDF has offered him. After years of police-run ins and a criminal conviction at the age of 18, Adani[...]

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Anyone who thinks that only “white” folks are racists should spend a bit of time on Facebook.  Here is a post that just appeared.  The thread began with my (apparently) irritating post of  a picture of the remarkable Miss Israel from 2013.  This lady is an officer in the Israeli Defe[...]

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Last rites for Keystone XL?

A little-noticed political upheaval in Alberta may have sealed Keystone XL’s fate. The oil-friendly Progressive Conservative Party, which has ruled Canada’s oil-rich province for 44 years, was all but obliterated in yesterday’s snap election, retaining just 11 of the legislative as[...]

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UW Architecture Prof Blames Corporations For Housing Problem

Responding to a post at the AAUP listserv: Sharon E. Sutton Professor, Department of Architecture was distressed about the NY Times report that claims to show long term poverty may be addressed by people moving to certain cities .. including Seattle.  Her key comments were: That this, and other stu[...]

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The Fears of An Astronaut: Going Blind


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F*** Education Reform: Leave the teachers alone.

Education won’t fix inequality and in fact, inequality is the real problem for education  Hyung Nam, activist, educator, musician “…the reason this is an evasion is that whatever serious people may want to believe, soaring inequality isn’t about education; it’s about power.”[Suppose you[...]