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Poetry Session

Todays poem is brought to us by the Great poet Ice Cube, originally from arguably the greatest and most influential Hip Hop group ever, NWA.  Hip Hop was more than words.  Hip Hop was our voice.  Although we have artists that are conscious today, I highly doubt that we will ever see these types o[...]

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The election in the “United Kingdom” looks very disunited. (based n the BBC) The easiest way to become prime minister is to win more MPs than all the other parties put together.  326. would be enough for a government to vote through new laws without being defeated by their opponents. BU[...]

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They don’t get much crazier than this: meet Texas’s new Lieutenant Governor: Texas produces a reliable crop of loons in state government, but this one is especially bizarre. It’s Republican Dan Patrick, who was elected November 4 and recently took office. If, God forbid, something happens t[...]

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Slur of the Day

Bluegum an offensive slur used by some United States white Southerners for an African-American perceived as being lazy and who refuses to work.[16][...]

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Berkeley Blog: Mapping Energy

Visualize the energy economy with new energy-data mapping tools Maximillian Auffhammer, associate professor, agricultural and resource economics | 4/28/14 | Leave a comment We empirical economists get very excited about finding or generating new data sets. There are big returns to splicing together [...]

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No Minimum Wage for Huskie Players .. we can not afford it!

Amazing .. Local politics seesm to have penetrated all the way to the NCAA!  Mow yhe NCAA seems to have adopted the meme used here in Seattle to oppose a minimum age! Now our former UW President, Marc Emmert,  is claiming that paying football players and basketball players any wage would mean the[...]

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Hate Groups in Washington State

We have much to be ashamed of in our own state. The abuse of farm workers in the State has been as bad as that in any other agricultural state dependent on immigrant labor. The Tea Party of Washington State has the same racist hatred of President Obama as any Tea Party from Texas or South […[...]