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Should Poor Kids’ Families Move to Seattle?

“The (study)concluded that children who moved before they were teenagers did indeed benefit economically.” A large new study  reported by the NY Times  has surprising praise for us.  Seattle, King County and especially Snohomish County are great places for poor kids to grow up! .[...]

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War Crimes in Palestine

Amnesty International: Palestinians Committed War Crimes, Killed more Palestinian civilians than… Truth is irrelevant. Truth is the enemy of evil, which is why there is a prohibition on the truth. Amnesty International said Thursday that Palestinian rocket fire during…[...]

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May 4: Papacy authorizes the beginning of slavery in the new world

In 1493, following  Columbus’ landing in the New World, the Borgia pope Pope Alexander VI gave ownership of the American peoples to Spain in a  bull called Inter Caetera.  A document called the  requerimiento was read to American Indians (who could not understand the colonisers’ la[...]

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Art and Truth


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A Unique Opportunity For a Deal Between Israel and the Palestinians

Aviad Kleinberg writes an Op-ed at YNET: In the new map of interests in the Middle East, created by radical Islam’s attack on pro-Western Arab states, the price Israel will be required to pay for a solution to the conflict is exceptionally low.  An Islamist takeover of Palestine is as bad for[...]