Isis’s travel agent traced to Seattle Woman

Seattle’s channel 4 reports that a Seattle woman, known as @_UmmWaqqas, seems to have risen to a top position in ISIS’ travel agency.  The ISIS  online “travel guidebook” tells recruits to get in touch with this lady to learn how to get to Turkey and then  cross the border.

Channel 4 identified  @_UmmWaqqas  as  Rawdah Abdisalaam, twenty-something year old fan of the Denver Broncos. a  super-widescreen HDTV, pizza and double cheeseburgers.

Channel 4 reports that a school friend was surprised, “I’m actually lost for words.  The Rawdah you are referring to is a childhood friend. (her tweets)  sound a little to extreme to be honest … this is so weird.”

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas May Allah bless our Mujahideen in Dawlatul Islam. May Allah grant them victory over their enemies, & bless the Islamic State!

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas those of you who are stuck in worrying about whether or not ISIS is the truth or hijrah for women is bad

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas Tbh the Kufar [disbelievers] should be worried about the first generation of kids that will be born within the Islamic State.

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas I now get why the caged the man & then poured concrete on him… Whenever the muslims are bombed in their homes they have nowhere to run

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas & along with them being buried alive they’re curshed by concrete rubble.. EYE FOR AN EYE if you ask me!


أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas no matter how much you want to stay, the truth of hijrah and sham is indeed true &when the time of Mahdi comes there is nothing u can do

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas You lot always clamp down on sisters who make Hijrah in your cozy homes. HELLO BUT hijrah is fardh on ALL of us, not just the women ya know

أم وقاص @_UmmWaqqas Eating good!
pizza > anything


She has posted very few pictures online of her real life, none of which make clear a location. But Channel 4 News has matched seven of the pictures she posted to locations in and around Seattle – as she drives in the city, goes to Starbucks, and takes a walk by a lake with friends.


 On 17 April, the @_UmmWaqqas account was finally suspended by Twitter, but people continue to reach out to her. One tweeted recently: “I am a 15 year old girl from the UK, and I want to ask what advice can you give that will lead me to jannah [paradise].”


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