Huckabee: States can ignore a Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality

What he actually said:

download“Getting a decision from the court, it’s not tantamount to saying ‘well that settles it. It’s the law of the land.’ And when I hear people say that I just cringe and I’m thinking ‘How many people pass 9th grade civics?’ This is not that complicated. There are three branches of government, not one. We don’t like it if the executive branch overreaches and pretends that it can act in difference to the other two. And neither can we sit back and allow the court, one branch of government to overrule the other two. And so when a court rules that same sex marriage is okay, it doesn’t mean that the next day, marriage licenses should be issued for same sex couples. It simply means that if the legislature agrees with that court decision and the representatives of the people—the elected officials—if they then put that into legislation and it is signed and enforced by the executive branch, then you have same sex marriage. But until those other two branches act, what you have is a court opinion and nothing else.”

(Source: Daily Kos)

Well actually yes, a Supreme Court ruling is the law of the land, and does settle it, and there’s no “if the legislature agrees with the court decision” qualifier attached.

Photo: GOP presidential candidate Huckabee fails a basic civics question.

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