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BREAKING NEWS: State upheaval in Saudi Arabia

SAUDI KING SALMAN RELIEVES CROWN PRINCE MUQRIN FROM HIS DUTIES AS CROWN PRINCE AND FIRST DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER — STATE TV It will be interesting if  the young and ambitious defense minister, Mohammad bin Salman, is being fast tracked.  The thirty-five year old organized the Sunni coalition [...]

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Could it be that racism on the web is causing black folks to die?

South Carolina Wins Again! Where do Google searches  for the word “nigger” come from?   (With apologies but, the term Google studied was the full, spelled out obscenity, AKA the “N word” if one is being politically correct. Where do America’s most racist people live?[...]

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Gosh .. Hillary Did the Right Thing

Republican Scandal Dies As Hillary Clinton Reveals University Speaking Fees Donated to Charity Another Republican scandal has been blown to tiny bits as Hillary Clinton has confirmed that all of her speaking fees from universities are donated to charity.[...]

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Cops mocked police beating victim

The vicious beating of Floyd Dent, 57, a retired black autoworker with no criminal history, by a notorious cop known as “Robocop” has been widely reported in the media. “Robocop” is William Melendez, repeatedly accused of wrongful arrest, falsifying reports, planting evidence[...]

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Miss GW Bush?

Miss “W?” Miss “W?”Take a minute & share a coffee with him. Get your official “I Miss W” mug today: Posted by Republican National Committee on Saturday, March 28, 2015   Take a minute & share a coffee with him. Get your official[...]

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Huckabee: States can ignore a Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality

What he actually said: “Getting a decision from the court, it’s not tantamount to saying ‘well that settles it. It’s the law of the land.’ And when I hear people say that I just cringe and I’m thinking ‘How many people pass 9th grade civics?’ This is n[...]

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South Carolina cops get prison for taser abuse of black woman

Two South Carolina ex-cops were sentenced to prison yesterday by a federal judge for using a mentally disabled black woman as taser target practice, ABC News reported yesterday. They previously were fired from the Marion police force, a town of about 7,000 people in the northeast corner of the state[...]

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My favorite Confederate flags

Nothing says “Redneck” like Stars and Bars.[...]

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What causes inequality?

  Hint: Studies have shown the best predictor of success in America is how wealthy or poor your parents are. Here’s an interesting subtext: An experiment by a Harvard researcher that tested employer attitudes found a white job applicant (actually a research associate) claiming to have jus[...]

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I love Obama but even he gets tired …[...]