Union Representatives Threatened at Gun Point in South Carolina

South Carolina: Union   reps threatened at gunpoint, Boeing vote canceled

The Machinists union is delaying its attempt to organize Boeing workers in South Carolina.  The union  announced Friday that is withdrawing a petition to hold a union vote.
For the uninitiated into South Carolina’s toxic politics, this is nothing new.  This state, where the Confederacy was founded, is adamantly opposed to unions and its Tea Party governor has publicly campaigned against unionization for the Boeing plant.  Skilled mechanics at the plant are paid less than Seattle’s minimum wage.
Meanwhile, IT IS HARD TO IMAGINE Boeing’s being proud of setting this plant in North Charleston.  This white run city is now famous for the video of a black SC Naziscivilian being killed by a cop who seemed to be using the man as target practice.  That same city has a white mayor who has served for two decades even though the largest group of citizens is African American. Of course there are no African Americans in the city council and only a small portion of the police force is black.

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