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Maybe Baltimore should bill Fox, CNN and MSNBC a portion of their profits during this episode of Reality News? The events in Baltimore have become a sort of cable porn. Unfortunately, it’s not quite like what you’d find on somewhere like, which pains me as much as it must p[...]

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Soldiers of Israel

Ethiopian/Israeli/Jewish/Awesome This fantastic image is of just a few of the many Ethiopian Jews that reside in Israel.  A group of people,  part of the Jewish people, fighting as  Jews  people, and adding to the Jewish culture within Israel. – See more at:[...]

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Can someone call a doctor?

                    While we complain about our broken healthcare system in the United States, there are 5 billion people worldwide who lack access to surgical care.           &nbs[...]

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A bridge too far

Baltimore erupts in race riots after funeral of black man killed by police. Governor declares state of emergency and activates National Guard. The only thing Freddie Gray did was make eye contact with a cop. That’s not against the law. And be born black. That is. So Freddie Gray is in a coffin[...]

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Davey Jones’ Locker: A Fire Drill Turns Real

Where we left off… Once more we get underway, this time the automation last almost half an hour, just about enough time so that we are in the major traffic lanes of the Yangtze river… Seems that since the boiler automation was designed for shoreside power plants, which have several boile[...]

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Michigan bad-boy cop keeps courts busy

This Michigan police officer, who has bounced between at least 7 different Michigan police agencies over a period of 17 years, has become one of that state’s most notorious cops. “Whether it’s an arrest caught on camera, shooting himself in the leg, or having to be rushed to the hospit[...]

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Undoing an Abortion


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Shot for riding a bike while black

Dontrell Stephens will never walk again. He was shot in the back by Palm Beach County, Florida, sheriff’s deputy in September 2013. Stephens was riding a bike and talking to a friend on his cellphone. The cop followed him because he hadn’t seen Stephens in the neighborhood before, which [...]

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Union Representatives Threatened at Gun Point in South Carolina

South Carolina: Union   reps threatened at gunpoint, Boeing vote canceled The Machinists union is delaying its attempt to organize Boeing workers in South Carolina.  The union  announced Friday that is withdrawing a petition to hold a union vote. For the uninitiated into South Carolina’s to[...]

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CHINA: The Chinese Dream

  Record sales of Xi’s book mirror appeal of Chinese Dream A compilation of selected remarks by Chinese President Xi Jinping on comprehensively advancing the rule of law has been published.[...]