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How many Employees does Amazon have

A. 5,700 B. 12,100 C. 33,000 D. 97,000 E. 165,000[...]

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UW loses “open meetings” lawsuit

A King County judge has ruled the “University of Washington’s governing board violated the state’s Open Public Meetings Act on 24 separate occasions in 2012, 2013 and 2014, when members discussed business over dinner at the UW president’s home,” the Seattle Times reported. A laws[...]

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Denial of Another Holocaust

Pope enrages Turkey over Armenian ‘genocide’ comments Pope Francis uttered the word ‘genocide’ on Sunday to describe the mass murder of Armenians 100 years ago, sparking fury from Turkey which slammed the term as ‘far from historical reality.[...]

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Joe Arpaio, facing a federal court’s wrath, spied on the judge’s wife

America’s worst sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, has been busy lately facing contempt charges in federal court for blatantly disobeying federal court orders aimed at shutting down his office’s racist policy of profiling Hispanics, which is quite popular with white voters [...]

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Actions speak louder than skin color

What is the significance of a black person becoming the top law enforcement official if they do nothing different than their white predecessors? Loretta Lynch, a black woman, is set to become the new US Attorney General.  Some black people that I have talked to about her, seem to be excited.  Not[...]

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Pregnant US Mom gives birth in Taliban Captivity, What to do?

Joshua Boyle, a Canadian citizen,  and Caitlin Coleman, an American Citizen,  got married in 2011.  They spent months treking in Latin America and living among indigenous Guatemalans where the bearded Joshua got the name  Santa Claus.” The couple extended their adventure in  2012, going [...]

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Davey Jone’s Locker:

Where we were in China, ctd … ed. When we left Davey he was cursing the birth of the automation guys, after being cheered because he had “made a party” for the grave yard shift… Now to understand why the new automation and the people who created it are worthy of being shoved [...]