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Chicago judge acquits cop who shot at pedestrians and killed girl

If you needed more proof that it’s virtually impossible to convict killer cops in this country, here it is: “In March 2012, 22-year-old Rekia Boyd was walking to a store with three friends near Douglas Park. Prosecutors said that Servin, who was off-duty, was upset over the noise and tol[...]

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“This isn’t over”

On April 9, San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies were caught on video by a news chopper beating up out of Francis Jared Pusok, who fled on a horse that kicked a deputy. (Pusok’s attorney says the deputies were trying to serve a warrant that had nothing to do with him.) Yesterday, the county[...]

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Deputy U.S. Marshal caught on video grabbing and smashing cellphone

Unfortunately for the cop, a neighbor caught the whole thing on her cellphone, and the cop’s actions are now under investigation. The woman, who frequently records police activity, is no stranger to police abuse. She has hired a lawyer and is going to sue. As usual, taxpayers will pay, and lit[...]

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Sen. Rand Paul self-destructs again

“Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul derided Republican critics of his foreign policy as ‘lap dogs for President Obama’ during an interview on Tuesday, launching an early salvo in the war of words that could reverberate through the 2016 Republican presidential primary. Paul … was aske[...]

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Another Salaita? The Witch Hunt at Northwest Nazarene University

Last March, the day before  April Fools, Tom Oord  got an email saying he was fired. Karl W. Giberson , a former professor at an evangelical Christian college. reports of  evangelical colleague whose tenure was terminated fired because of a conflict not with other faculty or students but because[...]

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Chart of the S&P 500 since the Socialist took over

    (Click on image to enlarge)[...]

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Pork and Corruption

Disclosure Of Junkets By Congress Members The House Ethics Committee has quietly done away with the requirement that lawmakers disclose their all-expense-paid trips on annual financial forms, National…[...]

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US #1 .. in Child Poverty

The numbers are staggering: US is ‘world leader’ in child poverty[...]

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Davey Jone’s Locker: finding a passport and going ashore in China

 As you may recall last year on Disremember 5TH I flew to Sacramento to take  this ship, the S.S. Kauai out of lay up and sail her to the yards in Nantong  China. Well late Friday night March 13TH, the Seattle Port Agent calls me and says I need to go to the clinic first […][...]