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It hurts all of us when reporters can’t make a decent living

A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter quit his job and took other work because he can’t afford to remain a reporter. “Kuznia, who was the series’ lead reporter, told the Los Angeles Times he … had difficulty paying his bills. He was also unable to afford a house and couldn̵[...]

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Last Chance to Buy Your Tickets for The Ball Celebrating The Firing on Fort Sumter

The Ball Starts Saturday, April 25 at 5 pm, and dinner will be served * at 6 pm.  Description of event: We would be delighted if all guests attended in dress appropriate to the middle of the nineteenth century, but recognize that not everyone is a reenactor and owns period clothing.  Here is a web[...]

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Dick Cheney resembles a killer

              Photos: Robert Bates (l), Dick Cheney (r) I’m not saying Dick Cheney is a killer. Oh no, I’m not suggesting he killed anyone, what I mean is him personally pulling the trigger, except he blasted a guy’s face with a shotgun once, but [...]

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Why is this man smiling?

Robert Bates, a millionaire insurance executive whose hobby is playing cop, is shown here leaving a Tulsa courtroom after pleading not guilty to second-degree manslaughter charges for shooting a suspect with his gun instead of his taser. Why shouldn’t he be smiling? Far from being in jail, he&[...]

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The evolution of health care

    Republicans don’t believe in evolution. But here’s proof that evolution is real.   (Click on image to enlarge)  [...]

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Scott Walker resembles a killer

  Photos: Scott Walker (l), Joseph McEnroe (r)   Okay, this isn’t quite fair; playing guilt-by-association games is a patented Republican speciality. I’m just having fun being a make-believe Republican for a couple minutes, kinda like that Tulsa insurance guy played at being a [...]

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One of these faces will be America’s next president

One of these faces is America’s next president. These are the candidates. There won’t be more. How do I know? David Graham, a staff writer for The Atlantic, argues it’s too late for anyone else to make a serious run. He says, “the increasing importance of locking down donors [...]

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Robocop faces felony charges again

And he might walk again. This case will test whether the worst of America’s bad cops gets another “Get Out Of Jail Free” on account of the immunity society confers on those wearing the shield, or whether there’s a line beyond which awful cops will go to jail if they cross it.[...]

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Terrorism writ little

We know America has domestic terrorists, and in recent years, they’re mostly rightwing extremists, who among other things have: Blown up a federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people, including children Flown an airplane into an IRS building Torched abortion clinics and murdered abor[...]

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Tort Reform Update

“The so-called ‘Privacy For All’ coalition has introduced the ‘Personal Privacy Protection Act’ for consideration as a ballot initiative [in California]. It would require that ‘a person shall use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government buildings’ … defini[...]