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FBI admits flawed lab analyses taint hundreds of convictions

THIS IS SHOCKING: “Before DNA testing …, the FBI relied heavily on visual analysis of evidence, sometimes building cases on microscopic analysis of hair. But in 2012, … the Washington Post reported that flawed forensic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Jesus had a wife.

Lets just imagine that Jesus existed as what he was supposed to be (not the God part).  Until 30, the Jesus of the Roman (Christian)bible was a  Judean peasant, son of  a Nazarene stone mason who made a living helping Herod build stuff in Tiberias. If that tiny kernel of information is correct[...]

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2 More Dubious Police Killings

Case #1:  David Kassick was shot twice in the back by Hummelstown, Pennyslvania, police officer Lisa Mearkle on Feb. 2 as he lay face down on the ground. The encounter began as a traffic stop, but Kassick fled, disregarded commands to stop, and Mearkle tased him 4 times before she went for her gun [...]

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Poland outraged by FBI director’s Holocaust remarks

Poland has demanded an apology for FBI Director James Comey’s allusion in a Washington Post op-ed to Poles who collaborated with Germans in carrying out the Holocaust, CBS News reports. Comey said, “In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and s[...]

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Does anyone here have functioning GADAR?


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Rubio concedes gay people are born that way, but would deny them marriage rights anyway

Marco Rubio, speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation today, said he “believes that sexual preference is decided at birth, but still believes that states should be able to decide if they want to define marriage as anything other than involving a man and a woman.” It’s questionable wh[...]

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WWID? How would Ike Vote?

 In his speech in New Hampshire Tuesday, Chris Christie proposed pushing back the age at which one becomes eligible for social security and Medicare for future retirees from 67 to 69. Last year, Christie took $2.4 billion from the state’s pension fund to balance the budget, calling his decision [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: One Year Old Killed by Gun

KING 5 BREAKING: Harborview confirms to KING 5 that one-year-old Malaja Grant has died. She was hit Thursday in a drive-by shooting in Kent:[...]

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Can it be that the heroes of the last 3500 years of Judaism are just chopped liver? We attended the Secular Jewish Circle Seder a week ago Saturday night and want to express our appreciation for being able to come.The best parts were the camaraderie, the play put on by the children… The kids, esp [...]