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Tax Reform


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A huge Loss to The UW!

Reading the recent to and fro on the AAUP listserv about students using Facebook or Tweeting in class, I was put into a bit of a reverie by learning of the passing of legendary history professor Jon Bridgman.  His death  leaves a huge hole in the UW firmament. I remember coming here and being urge[...]

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Ex-cop admits planting drugs and falsifying reports

America not only has a police violence problem, it also has a police dishonesty problem. It’s hard to imagine something more dishonorable than sending innocent people to jail or death row; but, in fact, exonerating the innocent is rapidly becoming a booming legal industry. I think America̵[...]

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You get what you pay for?


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SHANDA: Jews attacking Jews on Pesach

Dear Stephen,In the lead-up to this year’s Passover holiday, Americans for Peace Now launched a Facebook meme campaign inspired by the words of Peace Now co-founder Galia Golan. We asked that Jews who care about Israel spill some wine in acknowledgement of Israel’s “modern-day plagues”, as i[...]

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Another Voice in Fixing the Andy

ForAmerica Some people think that Andrew Jackson should be replaced on the $20 dollar bill. We agree! We think that Ronald Reagan should be on the $20 dollar bill, don’t you? READMORE[...]

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Every Sunday THE-Ave.US runs a post called “Sunday Revelation.” These range over a wide spectrum from celebrating religion to arguing against religion.  Comments are welcome.[...]

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RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, April 15 (Xinhua) — Pakistan on Wednesday successfully conducted training launch of a missile system that can carry nuclear warheads up to 1,300 km, the military said. The launch of Ghauri Missile System was conducted by a Strategic Missile Group of the Army Strategic For[...]

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Why is South Carolina Still Obsessed with Obama: The Poem “NIGGERS IN THE WHITE HO– USE”

A few evenings ago  I watched a TV news program with a white politician defending the right of southerners to have confederate flags on their license plates.  After all, the man said, it is time for reconciliation … this long after slavery every Southerner, black and white,  should take pri[...]