GodArguments over this can get very, very sully unless there is some minimal agreement on what its that believers , essentially here meaning monotheists, actually believe in.

For example. some folks squish out the idea that their God is some vague primal force or a mystical essence that causes the universe.  Of course such a God is really not every different than any scientist’s belief that there is some underlying discoverable order to the universe.   Id onot hink there is any market for a religion based on the stochastic laws of behavior of bosons and photons.

So here are my minimal attributes about what I think believers mean:

1. God is sentient. He can hear and respond to everything, including prayers and rituals.

2. God knows everything in this universe without limits imposed by physics such as the curvature of space. speed of light, or relativity.

2. God is all powerful and eternal . God is, therefore, not limited by the laws of physics or properties of time.

3. God always does what is good for people.

I would be curious what others think.

Does your God not have these minimal attributes?

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