SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A Passover 5775 Conversation About Antisemitism


Benjamin Donguk Lukoff Why the Jews? There has to be something to do with Judaism being the forerunner of the religion of how many billion people?  Didn’t Zeus kill Kronos?
Gregory C. Eaves Sure, I realize all societies are dumb enough to create an Other. Like race or sexuality, identity is a social construct. People _think_ they’re, say, Korean or Japanese or Seattleites or whatever, and if we all think it, it becomes so. The grand imagiSee More


Stephen Schwartz to Benjamin  Donguk Lukoff What you are forgetting is that the central concept of Christianity is that Jesus, their God, was killed by us to fulfill the creation of their religion. While John XXIII tried to change that story, after 2000 years the story really sticks. For most Christians the story of Jews not being guilty, at least our Jewish ancestors, remain s true and we are tolerated only with a wink.

Remember that in their story, Jesus was killed because of a religious dispute, his central claim was to be OUR messiah.  They say the Romans only killed him because of the acclaim we gave him.

So maybe the blame only goes to our ancestors?  How can that be when our religion has not changed?  We still reject Jesus as a deity!

Consider that their story demonizes the Pharisees … Who was the leading Pharisee  …  Hillel!  Their sermon on the mount looks a lot like Hillel’s teachings!
Stephen Schwartz  The story in Islam is similar, though likely MORE accurate historically than the Christian stories.  The Prophet acted as the judge for both Jews and non Jews in the city of Yathrib (today’s Medina).  When the Arabs of Mecca marched on Yathrib because Mohamed was denying the validity of religion of Mecca, Mohamed turned to the Jews for military support. Our ancestors refused, saying that this was an Arab fight because Mohamed was not OUR prophet. After winning his battle, Mohamed took revenge killing or enslaving the Jews and later declaring … in the Quran that Arabia would henceforth be free of Jews.

So in a sense the Quran, like the Roman (Christian) bible, depends on a story saying the Jews rejected Jesus or Mohamed  (in the case of the Quran, both) and still do so today.


Add to this the European focus on race … the idea that what we call a people is genetic … and antisemitism is the result.

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