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Arguments over this can get very, very sully unless there is some minimal agreement on what its that believers , essentially here meaning monotheists, actually believe in. For example. some folks squish out the idea that their God is some vague primal force or a mystical essence that causes the univ[...]

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Jordan Spieth makes history. Tiger Woods makes excuses.

Jordan Spieth, 21, led the Masters at Augusta from start to finish, smashing records along the way, and became the second-youngest winner of golf’s iconic tournament. Tiger Woods said his wrist popped out. [...]

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Brit Girls Groomed To Become ISIS Women

 The  HINDU Women are believed to account for around 10 per cent of the approximately 600 British citizens who have left for Syria since the conflict began in 2013. Most of them are young, some no more than 15 and 16. They are won over after a phase of “grooming”, primarily conducted online in[...]

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More Hillary bumper stickers …

Here’s a smorgasbord of them, just for funsies.         Why not pick herself for both spots on the ticket? That way she can be in the vice-presidential debate, too, getting some extra exposure.                     This one s[...]

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Who will be Hillary’s running mate?

Here’s a fun little parlor game. While everyone else is guessing who Hillary’s opponent will be, think about the bumper sticker “Hillary – ?” and then try to fill in the blank. Possibilities include: [  ] 1. Elizabeth Warren – probably the first name that comes t[...]

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Hillary jumps into 2016 race

To no one’s surprise, Hillary announced today she’s running for president again. She doesn’t have serious competition for the Democratic nomination, and Republicans don’t have a Barack Obama, so maybe this time will be the charm. But it’s still awfully early for predict[...]

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Pope Francis urges recognition of Armenian genocide

The massacres of Armenians by Turks during World War I were as barbaric and gruesome as any mass murders in human history. But even today, a century later, the Turkish government bristles at the word “genocide” and engages in a campaign of denial, disregarding the scholars who consider t[...]

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Searching for UW President

Rod Palmquist Besides past UW problems of: 1) contracted search firms’ secret processes, and 2) a lack of multiple candidates to choose from, what steps can the Regents take to make faculty, staff and students’ input into our next president’s search process both meaningful and more[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A Passover 5775 Conversation About Antisemitism

FACEBOOK: Benjamin Donguk Lukoff Why the Jews? There has to be something to do with Judaism being the forerunner of the religion of how many billion people?  Didn’t Zeus kill Kronos?   Gregory C. Eaves Sure, I realize all societies are dumb enough to create an Other. Like race or sexuality, [...]