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Beyond the rhetoric: Good deal or path to a bomb?

Let’s start with the premise that Sen. Tom Cotton (a) doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and (b) is a saber-rattling warmonger. In short, a dangerous loose cannon. Those are safe bets in almost any debate, and especially this one. I’m not a nuclear expert; but neither is [...]

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Amanda Knox pledges to ‘give back’ by advocating for innocent persons

Amanda Knox, in a letter to the Seattle Times, said she plans to repay her supporters by working “to give a voice” to wrongly convicted persons. She added, “I will do this because I know how a wrongful conviction can destroy one’s life, and because we best honor crime victims by [...]

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Another railroaded black man is released from death row

“Anthony Ray Hinton is thankful to be free after nearly 30 years on Alabama’s death row for murders he says he didn’t commit. And incredulous that it took so long. Hinton, 58, looked up, took in the sunshine and thanked God and his lawyers Friday morning outside the county jail in [...]

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Rev. Heath’s religious liberty quiz

Much has been said recently about “religious liberty.” But do people using the phrase even know what it means? Or do they misapprehend what the Bill of Rights protects? This quiz, created by Rev. Emily C. Heath of Exeter, New Hampshire, may be a good way to test whether ignorance, illite[...]

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Our cops kill more people a month than U.K. cops killed in 115 years

U.S. cops killed 111 people in March 2015, whereas United Kingdom police have killed 52 people since 1900, according to Think Progress (click here). This statistic speaks for itself, and doesn’t need comment. Obviously, we have a problem. TP notes that “the deaths follow a national patte[...]

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Bibi’s Passover Wish


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Of Passover, Anti Zionism, and Free Speech

 Paul Burstein Exactly 47 years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his last speech, at the Mason Temple in Memphis Tennessee.  He described a vision–a vision of struggles for freedom throughout history, beginning with the Exodus from Egypt and the trek “through the wilderness on tow[...]

April 3rd, 2015 - 1:36 am § in America

APPLE WATCH: Fails to meet early hopes

From a post on TA, Apr 1, 2012. Apple has today announced release of its much rumored iBracelet. Going even beyond Apple’s legendary sense of design, the iBracelet is much more than a fashion accessory! Combining a gold bracelet with Apple’s new “Goldfinger” pointing device, [...]

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Ein sussen pesach .. A sweet passover