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Why won’t you sell me a pizza?


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Johns Hopkins sued for human medical experiments

“More than 750 plaintiffs are suing the Johns Hopkins Hospital System Corp. over its role in a series of medical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s and 1950s during which subjects were infected with venereal diseases. The lawsuit in Baltimore seeks $1 billion in damages for individuals, sp[...]

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Sen. Tom Cotton: ‘Iran hangs gays’

Sen. Tom Cotton asks us to keep a “sense of perspective” about Indiana Republicans’ failed attempt to legalize discrimination against LGBT people by reminding us “they hang you in Iran for being gay.”[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Why the USA and Sweden can never agree on much

The verb Olla means something hard, something difficult to even write about in America. And it’s something of a popular word in Sweden. In fact, a  plumber making his first appearance Sweden’s Got Talent recently raised a smile when he sang about how he likes to  “olla” eve[...]

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A Response to a UW Prof: In Support of Free Speech

Michael Goldberg Commenting on a furor avout Steve Salaita speaking next Monday on UW campus The overarching lesson for me about the Salaita case was how little interested those on either side seemed to be about attempting to move towards a vision of two democratic states peacefully co-existing, a v[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: … Obama About To Announce Agreement With Iran. Peace Now?

OBAMA about to appear on TV to announce.[...]

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Cynthia Lennon, 1939-2015

Media sources report that Cynthia Lennon, 75, first wife of John Lennon and mother of Julian Lennon, has passed away. They were married from 1964 to 1968. Photo: John and Cynthia Lennon[...]

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What the furor over the Indiana law is really about

Human beings are imperfect, and because we are, we must live with each other’s flaws. This is true of marriage, employer-employee relations, and social relationships. But there’s an important distinction between opinion and behavior. And behavior matters more than opinion. I can live wit[...]

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Practice what we preach

How can African Americans expect to rid our society of bigotry and racism towards the African American community, if we practice bigotry towards other minority groups.[...]

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New President brings Hope to Nigeria

Will Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari, be able to bring stability to a country crippled by terrorism and a corrupt government? Muhammadu Buhari, a former general, who came to power in Nigeria in 1983 via a military coup and was ousted by another military coup two years later in 19[...]