Arkansas motel boss fires maid for liking minimum wage hike

105926891“On February 17, Washington Post reporter Chico Harlan published an article on what happens to communities after a small minimum wage hike. Harlan focused his piece on Shanna Tippen, a 43-year-old mother of two who earned the minimum wage at a Days Inn and Suites in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Tippen explained how difficult it is to make ends meet since her two kids, ages 24 and 21, are unemployed and her grandchild goes through more than 100 diapers a week. The 25-cent minimum wage hike would allow her to purchase higher quality diapers for the child. …

“Harlan reported Monday that Tippen had been fired from her job for speaking to the Post. … It wasn’t even Tippen’s idea to speak to a reporter. Her boss, hotel manager Herry Patel, had told Harlan to interview her. ‘Patel introduced Tippen to me,’ Harlan wrote in his follow-up piece.”

But Patel didn’t like like what she said. “In the interview, Tippen didn’t criticize the Days Inn or Patel’s management style. Everything she said was uncontroversial,” Harlan said. It seems Patel is upset by the voter-approved minimum wage increase that went into effect Jan. 1. nhuu9kwomcxhqvspgaarHe called it “free money” — as if Tippen and his other employees don’t earn it.

I couldn’t find a photo of Patel on the internet. I guess it’s understandable that people like him who think getting paid $7.50 an hour to clean rooms is a form of freeloading don’t want to show their faces in public. So I posted a picture of his motel instead. (Source)


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