Bigotry Beat: Florida GOP legislator goes Indiana one better

Jason Brodeur (R-Nuts) is no stranger to controversy. In 2011, in the wake of the massacre that killed 6 people and wounded Democratic congresswoman Gabby Giffords and a dozen others, Brodeur introduced a bill in the Florida legislature that would subject any doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist who asked a patient about guns in the home to 5 years in prison and a $5 million fine.

Now, Brodeur’s at it again, with another bill that “would allow adoption agencies to deny couples looking to adopt a child solely based on religious or moral convictions.” While it doesn’t explicitly single out gays, it’s clear that’s who Brodeur is targeting: reports the bill is being called a ‘revenge’ legislation after Florida recently passed an amendment repealing the ban of gay adoption. The bill that passed was one that finally got rid of a law still on the Florida books that prevented gay couples from adopting children. It was passed, in part, because it was deemed unconstitutional by a court 5 years ago.”

Does proposing a law that overturns a court decision finding another law unconstitutional sound off-the-charts crazy to you? Well, it has cleared committee on a 12-6 (Republicans vs. Democrats) vote. Don’t count on it not passing Florida’s Republican legislature and being signed into law by the state’s Republican governor. Strange things happen in that state.

Florida-State-Rep.-Jason-Brodeur-638x425Along those lines, the Orlando Sun Times notes that “a bill banning transgender people from using certain bathrooms” also is moving forward in the Florida legislature. Wherever Republicans dominate politics, you can count on finding bigotry.

Photo: Jason Brodeur, GOP legislator and bigot


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